Blog: Win tickets to see legendary PNW band the Melvins with Napalm Death!

Metal, as extreme as it may be, has its fringe, and we’re happy to welcome two visionary acts that have always found home right on that edge: Napalm Death and Melvins. Emerging from the clamouring din and grey smog of the crumbling industrial west midlands, Napalm Death’s work has always been permeated with a dystopic nihilism that evokes a fitting sense of collapse and decay. Purveyors of brutal noise, they’ve molded their scorched earth approach to death metal and crust punk into an unforgiving force that draws as much from grindcore as it does from industrial + power electronics—it should come as no surprise that Napalm Death holds the Guiness World Record for the shortest song (1.316 seconds long!) An ocean away, in the rainy land of grunge and ever-present gloom, Melvins bring the bad vibes their own way. Like the slow creeping mold native to their Pacific Northwest, Melvins rot and corrupt Washington’s brand of grungy rock into a slow, hulking malaise. Though they originally began as a punk band (much like Napalm Death), the 90s brought them to the fore with their distinct sneeringly doomy, droning sound. Their associations with Nirvana/the burgeoning Seattle stoner+grunge scene along with a foot planted firmly in the experimental fringe, they experienced success in both mainstream and fringe markets. We’re pleased to welcome these giants from both extremes of the metal spectrum to the Roseland for a full-on assault of fuzz, distortion, and noise!

Do you want to win tickets to see Napalm Death, Melvins and Melt Banana at the Roseland Theatre on May 3rd? Tell us what the name of your fringe metal band would be in the comments, one lucky winner will be chosen on April 25th.

Melvins 2016

NAPALM DEATH promo photo-suit

We can’t decide whose promo photo is more ridiculous/awesome, Melvins (top) or Napalm Death (bottom).



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