Blog: This Week In Music News

Sheer Mag

Philadelphia rockers Sheer Mag released their debut full-length album this week called Need To Feel Your Love! What is unique about Sheer Mag is they combine the 1970’s style of rock with punk music to create their own style of music. Need To Feel Your Love doesn’t just stay within the rock and punk realms though, there are power-pop vibes through the album as well. Songs on the album have deep meaning such as fighting oppression, resisting authority and more, staying true to the punk side of music. You can stream the album here.

Sheer Mag will be playing the Hawthorne Theatre on September 27th.



Post-hardcore veterans Silverstein put out their album Dead Reflection this week! Silverstein delivers fans their 9th full-length album since they started the band- over 17 years ago! Dead Reflection is an album for fans old and new. It doesn’t cater to just one sound so there’s something for every kind of Silverstein fan. Check out the music video for the song Retrograde above and stream their album here.

New Shows!

Ballyhoo!- July 29th at the Hawthorne Theatre- Tickets

Grieves- August 31st at the Hawthorne Theatre- Tickets

Mayday!- September 28th at the Hawthorne Theatre- Tickets

The Menzingers- October 8th at the Hawthorne Theatre- Tickets