Blog: This Week In Music News


Florida death metal heads Obituary released their tenth studio album, Obituary, this week. Obituary has been called the kings of death metal and the title still remains true with this record. The band hadn’t released an album in over two years so they wanted to perfect their self-titled album for fans. They made everything, even down to the logo, something they felt fit well with the band. Their single Ten Thousand Ways To Die showcases their progressed heavy metal sound.  You can stream the entire Obituary album here.

Obituary will be one of the openers of the Decibel Magazine Tour on March 27th at the Hawthorne Theatre.



R&B/pop singer SoMo released his new album The Answers this week. SoMo is known for his sensual take on R&B music and The Answers doesn’t disappoint. Reviews of the album has named The Answers one of the “sexiest” of SoMo’s albums. Songs like Champion and Over are some of the most sultry off the album. You can listen to The Answers on Spotify above.

SoMo will be taking over the Crystal Ballroom on June 2nd.




Drake put out a “playlist” this week called More Life. More Life features 22 songs, a decently lengthy release for an artist. This album also brings a few new elements to the music industry- it was released as a playlist, not an album, and Billboard still recognized it. This is huge as no major record label has done something like this and still got the recognition for it. To hear More Life, you can go here.

New Shows!

Mod Sun- May 2nd at the Hawthorne Theatre- Tickets

Superjoint- May 3rd at the Hawthorne Theatre- Tickets

Flogging Molly- May 5th at the Roseland Theater- Tickets

Destruction- May 23rd at the Hawthorne Theatre- Tickets

Wednesday 13- May 30th at the Hawthorne Theatre- Tickets