Blog: Show Spotlight: Joe Sib

Coming up on September 22nd, Joe Sib will be taking over the Hawthorne Theatre Lounge in Portland with a night full of laughs!

You might recognize Joe Sib from one of his many roles- front man of the punk band WAX, co-owner of the record label SideOneDummy Records and being a comedian! He has pretty much done it all in the worlds of music and comedy. This time around, he’ll be performing stand up alongside special guests Ben Harkins, Wendy Weiss, and Bill Conway from The Hard Times.

A little about the special guests (who all happen to be from Portland!)-

Ben Harkins is a local comedian who will be starting the show off! He’s been tearing through the comedy scene in Portland and is a can’t miss act!

Wendy Weiss is known for being Portland’s “best stripper comedian”, since she does both! She gets a lot of her material from when she dances so her set is bound to be pretty interesting!

Bill Conway is somebody who you’ve most likely read his writing through his website The Hard Times which features satirical articles about mostly the music scene. If you like music + comedy, Bill will be right up your alley!

Grab your tickets below to see Joe Sib + guests at the Hawthorne Theatre Lounge on 9/22 below!