Blog: Artist To Watch: I See Stars

I See Stars

I See Stars PDX 2017

Electronic hardcore music (EHM) makers I See Stars has been in the music scene for close to 10 years now. When the band first started out, their sound included electronic tracks mixed with screams and breakdowns. Their first album, 3D, was released in 2009 and it launched their career. Since 3D, I See Stars has put out six more albums/mixtapes. Their sound has progressed throughout each of these albums due to the band dabbling in solely electronic music. They’ve also gone through a few member transitions where they no longer have a screamer. Frontman Devin Oliver has now taken over both singing and some screaming for the band. Their latest album Treehouse showcases their transition to electronic music with a touch of a heavier side. The music video for their latest single off Treehouse is called Calm Snow has gained the band over a million views on YouTube. If you are a fan of electronic or heavier music, you’ll love I See Stars!

I See Stars is playing the Hawthorne Theatre on April 6th!