Blog: Andrew WK Makes Partying Even Partier

Without a doubt when you think Andrew WK, you think party.  His music is an emulsion of metal and dance vibes that come together to make some kick-ass, head banging party anthems.


On top of his music, AWK has made a significant contribution to the English language. Prior to, let’s say the mid 2000s, the word “party” was merely a verb and a noun. Then Andrew WK came along and revolutionized the word, using it as an adjective. Example, “AWK’s Top 5 Tips for Making Music Festivals More Party,” or Las Vegas is “one of the partiest places in the world,” or “you make partying even partier,” etc. (More gems can be found by following @AndrewWK on Twitter)


With hits like “Party Hard” and “It’s Time to Party,” live performances are full of intense energy from the jump.  In a crowd of probable white t-shirt and jeans clad fans, you can’t help but want to move as the venue atmosphere is taken over by Andrew WK, AKA The Party Messiah.


One thing’s for sure, AWK isn’t afraid to let it all out onstage.  Throughout his career he’s had unabated enthusiasm with his moshing and overall spectacle.  From unbuttoning his party pants and sticking the microphone down them in order to move like he’s possessed by the Ghosts of Party Past, Present, and Future, to punching himself in the head mid-song, this guy hasn’t changed much in the way of putting on a great show.


Most importantly you can tell that Andrew WK does what he likes and he likes what he does, and what more can you ask for from a guy who just wants you to have a good time?  No matter what genre you lean towards, you won’t want to miss this show.  When it’s all said and done, being in his crowd is a party, and when it’s time to party, we will always party hard.


Tickets available here.


Oh yeah, and you might see this (skip to the 0:55 mark):