Blog: 5 Reasons Why We Love Yellowcard


Yellowcard has spent the last 19 years putting out great records, playing shows, and being one of the most well known bands in the alternative rock scene. Unfortunately the band is set to break up after their upcoming final tour. We wanted to showcase why we love Yellowcard so we have five reasons why they are one of our favorite bands!


1. Ocean Avenue is The Ultimate Throwback Jam

If you know Yellowcard, chances are you know their song Ocean Avenue. This was one of the first singles they released that got them known. It was #37 on Billboard’s Hot 100 back in 2004. Ocean Avenue is guaranteed to bring you back to your high school days!


2. Sean Mackin’s Violin Skills

One of the coolest things about Yellowcard is that they have a violinist! Sean Mackin is their violinist and his violin skills are amazing. Their music has such an unique sound due to having an added element (violin) that usually isn’t included with rock music!


3. Backflips!

In addition to Sean Mackin’s violin skills, he’s always doing backflips on stage! As you can see he’s been doing it for years and years. It’s one trademark he is known for!


4. Never Sounding The Same

Throughout the years, Yellowcard has always tended to try to experiment with different sounds. No two of their albums sound the exact same. They’ve grown and matured as a band over time and it has shown through their music. Take a listen to some of their hits over the years above!


5. Proper Goodbye

Yellowcard has given us all the proper goodbye- a final album and tour. They released their final self-titled album in September and will be touring the world as a last goodbye to fans.

Want to catch Yellowcard for the last time ever when they stop in Portland on October 25th? Tell us why you love Yellowcard and we’re hooking one fan up with a pair of VIP tickets and an awesome merch bundle! Winner will be chosen on October 14th.