Win Tickets To See Ride!

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English shoe-gazers RIDE are coming to the Crystal Ballroom at the end of this month, the 23rd to be exact, and we’re partnering with McMenamins to offer you the chance to catch them for free! All you need to do is click the link below and tell us your favorite release (album, LP, sinlge, etc.) by the band and we’ll choose a winner on Wednesday the 20th! Best of luck!

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Win Tickets To See The Magpie Salute

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The Magpie Salute

Formed by Black Crowes guitarist Rich Robertson, The Magpie Salute have garnered quite a bit of acclaim during their short tenure as a band. Selling out a string of shows at New York’s Gramercy Theatre to begin their career, the band have been on a red-hot roller coaster ever since! On September 26th they’ll stop by Portland’s Crystal Ballroom to wow audiences with their rootsy rock and roll. best of all, we’re teaming with Mcmenamins to offer you the chance to see the show with a friend , for FREE. All you have to do to enter is tell us your favorite Magpie Salute song at the link below! Winners will be chosen on Friday, September 15th. Good luck!

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Win Tickets To See The Lucent Dossier Experience!

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Lucent Dossier Experience

Looking to break out of your usual concert routine? The Lucent Dossier Experience might be for you then! With aerial acts, dancers + booty-shaking music, this isn’t your typical concert. Best of all, it’s coming to the Crystal Ballroom on August 8th and we’re giving you the opportunity to bring a friend to the show for FREE! All you have to do is click the link below and enter; two (2) winners will be chosen this Friday, August 4th. Good Luck!

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Win Tickets To See George Clinton!

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Get your funk on with George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic as they hit the Crystal Ballroom stage on Sunday, July 30th! Best of all, we’re giving two (2) lucky winners a chance to catch the show with a friend, for FREE! All you have to do is comment below (click the button!) with your favorite album from the man/band and we’ll choose winners on Thursday, July 27th. Good luck!

If you’re not one of the lucky two, you can grab your ticket here ->

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Win Tickets To Musiq Soulchild!

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Musiq Soulchild

We’re partnering with the Crystal Ballroom to offer one lucky person the chance to see Philadelphia’s R&B king, Musiq Soulchild, for FREE at the Roseland Theater next Wednesday, June 19th. All you need to do is click the link below and comment with your favorite Soulchild album to be entered to win a pair of tickets to the show! A winner will be chosen and notified on Tuesday!

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Win A VIP Package to Falling In Reverse, Motionless In White, and Issues!

Feb 3rd. Contest, Contests, Portland, Seattle

Our friends at Mike Thrasher Presents are giving one lucky winner in Seattle and Portland a VIP Package to The End Is Here Tour!


The End Is Here Tour


The End Is Here Tour combines some of the best in the post-hardcore/alternative music scene right now. Falling In Reverse has embarked on The End Is Here Tour to promote their new album entitled Coming Home. They are giving fans a sneak peek at what to expect from that album on this tour. They are also bringing along Motionless In White and Issues to open!

Motionless In White is known for their horror-esque metalcore sounds along with Halloween stage looks. They are a band you have to see live to understand how crazy and awesome they are. Motionless In White is using this tour to also promote their new album Graveyard Shift, which is coming out in early 2017.

Issues has transformed their post-hardcore sound since their earlier albums to a more melodic/funk post-hardcore sound. Their recent album, Headspace, features their usual screamer actually singing as well screaming this time around. Issues is known to have some crazy set ups and stage antics.

For your chance to win a VIP Package to Falling In Reverse, Motionless In White and Issues, follow the directions on the links below:

Seattle Contest

Portland Contest

Prizes Include:

Prize one (grand prize)

VIP Giveaway – 1 Winner + 1 Guest

  • Photo op meet & greet with Falling in Reverse, Issues & Motionless in White
    • Dangerkids and Dead Girls Academy are NOT included
  • Limited edition poster signed by all 3 bands
  • Souvenir laminate with lanyard
  • Custom guitar pick pack
  • Early entry
  • 1 raffle ticket for chance to win a backstage tour
    • Each VIP attendee will receive 1 raffle ticket.
    • 2 winners per show will be chosen at random.
    • Winners + 1 guest will take a backstage tour before the show

Prize two (runner up)

  • 1 signed set list from Falling In Reverse


Win Tickets To See The Dandy Warhols

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The Dandy Warhols


As is tradition in Portland, wintertime means that a concert from city’s favorite indie band, The Dandy Warhols, can’t be far away and this year is no exception! The band will hit the Crystal Ballroom stage on December 10th and we’re giving one lucky winner the chance to see the Dandys, with a friend of course, for free!

Simply hit the button below to enter the contest! We’ll select a winner at random on Tuesday December 6th who will be notified via email!

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Win Tickets To See Helms Alee + Thrones

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Helms Alee


As part of their Blasphemous collaboration series, McMenamins are teaming up with sludgy Seattle trio Helms Alee for a night of music and limited edition beer. Having toured with bands like the Melvins, Helms Alees sound can only be described as bombastic and explosive. Joining them are Oregon favorites THRONES who will be sure to kick a sonic hole through anyone bold enough to stand in their way.  To cap the night off, McMenamins’ brewer Drew Phillips will be revealing a limited edition beer in tribute of the headliner’s riotous sound, available only at the show.

The best part is that we’re offering you a chance to go, with a friend, for free! All you have to do is click the button below, tell us your favorite heavy metal joke (we’ll provide an example below!) and you’ll be on your way to sipping beer and banging your head!

A joke could be something like: How do black metal bands get clean? They take Abbath!

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5 Reasons Why We Love Yellowcard

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Yellowcard has spent the last 19 years putting out great records, playing shows, and being one of the most well known bands in the alternative rock scene. Unfortunately the band is set to break up after their upcoming final tour. We wanted to showcase why we love Yellowcard so we have five reasons why they are one of our favorite bands!


1. Ocean Avenue is The Ultimate Throwback Jam

If you know Yellowcard, chances are you know their song Ocean Avenue. This was one of the first singles they released that got them known. It was #37 on Billboard’s Hot 100 back in 2004. Ocean Avenue is guaranteed to bring you back to your high school days!


2. Sean Mackin’s Violin Skills

One of the coolest things about Yellowcard is that they have a violinist! Sean Mackin is their violinist and his violin skills are amazing. Their music has such an unique sound due to having an added element (violin) that usually isn’t included with rock music!


3. Backflips!

In addition to Sean Mackin’s violin skills, he’s always doing backflips on stage! As you can see he’s been doing it for years and years. It’s one trademark he is known for!


4. Never Sounding The Same

Throughout the years, Yellowcard has always tended to try to experiment with different sounds. No two of their albums sound the exact same. They’ve grown and matured as a band over time and it has shown through their music. Take a listen to some of their hits over the years above!


5. Proper Goodbye

Yellowcard has given us all the proper goodbye- a final album and tour. They released their final self-titled album in September and will be touring the world as a last goodbye to fans.

Want to catch Yellowcard for the last time ever when they stop in Portland on October 25th? Tell us why you love Yellowcard and we’re hooking one fan up with a pair of VIP tickets and an awesome merch bundle! Winner will be chosen on October 14th.




Album Review: Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not

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Dinosaur Jr. – Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not

Album Review


Four records into their original-lineup reformation, Dinosaur Jr. sound as strong as ever on their eleventh LP to date, Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not. In the four years since their last LP, 2012’s I Bet On Sky, the band have managed to experiment with songs that push the boundaries of what listeners know as Dinosaur Jr., all the while retaining the elusive “oomph” that made them so great to begin with.

The album’s lead single, “Tiny,” at three minutes and twelve seconds long manages to cram in all of the classic elements that enamored the band to so many fans. A soaring Mascis’ lead and solo? Check. The familiar and confident backing of the Balrow/Murph rhythm section? It’s there too. All of these things add up to a song that would feel equally at home buried in the catalog of the bands golden early period or on the FM dial.

As the album progresses, however, the songs become less and less recognizable as Dinosaur Jr. while not feeling out of place. The sludgy intro riff to “I Walk For Miles” could easily be mistaken for a track from Mascis’ metal-tinged side project WITCH. With a cavernous and bombastic Sabbath-esque chorus, one is left wondering if such wide genre leaps even matter when the songs bring so much heat.

Ultimately, it seems to be J. Mascis’ signature croon that ties each song to the next. Though they may sound different stylistically, the same voice radiates through nearly every track–aside from the two Lou Barlow penned songs, “Love Is…” and “Left/Right”–lending the feeling that it’s the voice guiding you through the peaks and valleys, highs and lows of the album’s 46-minute run time. At the album’s end, there’s a feeling of satisfaction knowing that the band are capable not only of rehashing their glory days of the late 1980s, but also of creating inspired, sonically inventive songs that could surprise even the most die-hard fan.

If you’d like to see the band when they stop by Portland’s Crystal Ballroom on September 29th, then you’re in luck! We’re giving away a pair of tickets to the show and all you have to do is tell us your favorite song from the new record below! We’ll announce a winner on September 27th!



Win tickets to see legendary PNW band the Melvins with Napalm Death!

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Metal, as extreme as it may be, has its fringe, and we’re happy to welcome two visionary acts that have always found home right on that edge: Napalm Death and Melvins. Emerging from the clamouring din and grey smog of the crumbling industrial west midlands, Napalm Death’s work has always been permeated with a dystopic nihilism that evokes a fitting sense of collapse and decay. Purveyors of brutal noise, they’ve molded their scorched earth approach to death metal and crust punk into an unforgiving force that draws as much from grindcore as it does from industrial + power electronics—it should come as no surprise that Napalm Death holds the Guiness World Record for the shortest song (1.316 seconds long!) An ocean away, in the rainy land of grunge and ever-present gloom, Melvins bring the bad vibes their own way. Like the slow creeping mold native to their Pacific Northwest, Melvins rot and corrupt Washington’s brand of grungy rock into a slow, hulking malaise. Though they originally began as a punk band (much like Napalm Death), the 90s brought them to the fore with their distinct sneeringly doomy, droning sound. Their associations with Nirvana/the burgeoning Seattle stoner+grunge scene along with a foot planted firmly in the experimental fringe, they experienced success in both mainstream and fringe markets. We’re pleased to welcome these giants from both extremes of the metal spectrum to the Roseland for a full-on assault of fuzz, distortion, and noise!

Do you want to win tickets to see Napalm Death, Melvins and Melt Banana at the Roseland Theatre on May 3rd? Tell us what the name of your fringe metal band would be in the comments, one lucky winner will be chosen on April 25th.

Melvins 2016

NAPALM DEATH promo photo-suit

We can’t decide whose promo photo is more ridiculous/awesome, Melvins (top) or Napalm Death (bottom).



Need to brush up before the show? Check out our Spotify Playlist:



Tyler, The Creator Giveaway

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Win tickets to Tyler the Creator

Tyler, the Creator 2

Hot off the heels of the release of his third studio album Cherry Bomb, rapper and Odd Future co-founder Tyler, the Creator is hitting the road on a national tour. Amidst semi-confirmed rumors of an Odd Future break up, Tyler has been busy making an appearance on “Kimmel” and freestyling with Vince Staples. Now he’s headed to Portland to play the Roseland Theater with Taco of Odd Future on Thursday July 2nd! Enter to win *FREE* tickets to see Tyler LIVE and some *FREE* Odd Future gear by retweeting the @MikeThrasherPDX tweet below!


For those who don’t want to leave their fate to chance: