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This Week In Music News

Feb 13th. Hawthorne Theatre, News Roundup, Portland


Save Ferris Ska band Save Ferris is back and better than ever! The band has reformed after an almost two decade hiatus. Reformed, Save Ferris created their EP called Checkered Past. This EP is the first released from Save Ferris in 18 years! You can check out their single off their EP called New Sound […]

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Download of the Week: Crizzly

Jan 23rd. downloads, Portland


Crizzly Texas-based crunkstep DJ Crizzly brings us this week’s free download! Crizzly has became a breakthrough DJ in the EDM scene. What’s unique about his way of DJing is the genres of music he combines in his songs. He takes dubstep, crunk, trap and other kinds of music to create his own sound. Crizzly collaborated […]

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This Week in Music News

Hawthorne Theatre, News Roundup, Portland


Great Good Fine Ok Brooklyn synth-pop duo Great Good Fine Ok released their EP III this week! Great Good Fine Ok is known for their remixes of popular songs and their collaborations with artists such as St. Lucia but their latest EP is all their original music. This seven track EP features an array of dance music […]

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