Blog: Artist To Watch: Hazel English

Hazel English

 By: Alex Mann


Hazel English has taken the indie music scene by storm, setting a new standard for dream-pop. With a look of vintage pastel, her soft presence mixed with her impressive music makes this up and coming sensation hard to forget. Raised in Australia, she studied abroad in California and has made a deep connection to the city of San Francisco, currently settling across the Bay, in Oakland.

Her new EP “Never Going Home” explains her exact feelings since coming from down under. Every piece completed by English and her producer, Jackson Phillips (otherwise known as Day Wave), has been completely phenomenal. The title track’s lyrics, “I’m drawn in/ Etched into this/ It’s a part of me/ It’s under my skin” floating over the melody as she harmonizes along, English exhibits her true attraction towards this new city while leaving her home behind.

Without the slightest regret for leaving her sunny Australian home, we can all expect some serious hits coming from this rising, fearless musician. Don’t let the gentle exterior fool you folks, this lady packs a punch! Grab those tickets for her show on February 20th before it’s too late…