Blog: Album Review: Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not

Dinosaur Jr. – Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not

Album Review


Four records into their original-lineup reformation, Dinosaur Jr. sound as strong as ever on their eleventh LP to date, Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not. In the four years since their last LP, 2012’s I Bet On Sky, the band have managed to experiment with songs that push the boundaries of what listeners know as Dinosaur Jr., all the while retaining the elusive “oomph” that made them so great to begin with.

The album’s lead single, “Tiny,” at three minutes and twelve seconds long manages to cram in all of the classic elements that enamored the band to so many fans. A soaring Mascis’ lead and solo? Check. The familiar and confident backing of the Balrow/Murph rhythm section? It’s there too. All of these things add up to a song that would feel equally at home buried in the catalog of the bands golden early period or on the FM dial.

As the album progresses, however, the songs become less and less recognizable as Dinosaur Jr. while not feeling out of place. The sludgy intro riff to “I Walk For Miles” could easily be mistaken for a track from Mascis’ metal-tinged side project WITCH. With a cavernous and bombastic Sabbath-esque chorus, one is left wondering if such wide genre leaps even matter when the songs bring so much heat.

Ultimately, it seems to be J. Mascis’ signature croon that ties each song to the next. Though they may sound different stylistically, the same voice radiates through nearly every track–aside from the two Lou Barlow penned songs, “Love Is…” and “Left/Right”–lending the feeling that it’s the voice guiding you through the peaks and valleys, highs and lows of the album’s 46-minute run time. At the album’s end, there’s a feeling of satisfaction knowing that the band are capable not only of rehashing their glory days of the late 1980s, but also of creating inspired, sonically inventive songs that could surprise even the most die-hard fan.

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